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The Medium Is The Message

Craigy Ferg

India, the Country, not Theo Von

Be Bored With Your Biggest Ideas

Conspiracies and Youth

Part 3: Podcast Sound Test

Part 2: Podcast Sound Test

Part 1: Podcast Sound Test

The First Friday Rantathon

Late Night Goals

Blurry Video and Wabi Sabi

Waiting For Drew-dot

Theo Von Is Not On This Episode

Expensive Accidents

Satiate The Beast

Scott Games And Chats

David Lynch's YouTube

Fourth of July

A New Drew Show

The Woodwork

Theo Von


Bad Faith Podcasting

Robot Zoo

Building A Better Mousetrap

SCOTTCast Rocks Spotify

The One Hundredth Scott Take

Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

What Makes A Legend?

Does Scott Work Hard?

Ranting About Sound

Not So Quiet Time

Quiet Time

The Technology of Podcasting

Reopening SCHQ



Predicting The Future

Ben Affleck

Scott Pantses It

New SC Coming Tomorrow!


Bars Reopening

Sneaky D's Energy Economy

Lynchian Daydreaming

Declarative Sentence Practice

3D Printers

Twitter is Weird

The Ornithopter

Teaching Independence

An Apology To Space

Space Is Boring

Excitement for SCOTTCast 100

DinoPit Soars

Literally Whatever

Things I Do In My Free Time

Sneaky Marketing

Scott's Gettin Smarter

Feudcast Ferver

Gettin Hygge With It



The Dark Lord...Elrond?

More Scott For President 2028

Scott For President 2028


The Value of Happiness

Of Songwriter Scott

Hypnotism and Persuasion

This Week

The Most Dangerous Game

Emotions Vs Rationality

The SCOTTCast YouTube Channel

The Four Steps To Happiness


Be Bored

Free Movies and TV

Martini Tuesday (Bonus)

Beer Run

Case of the Mondays


The Why



This Day In History I

Too Much Podding?

A Scandal In Bohemia - Part 3

Coffee At The Crack Of Noon


Laughter's Value

April Fools History

Music To Be Murdered By

A Scandal In Bohemia - Part 2

Saturday BS - Buying Physical Audio

National Lampoon

Scott discusses National Lampoon comics.

The Globalists


Bonus - Today's Cast, Backwards

The Shutdown

A Scandal In Bohemia - Part 1

The Völsunga Saga

Live Streaming Is Hip Now!

Dark Humor

Reading Eveline by James Joyce

The Mummy Starring Brendan Fraser

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